My PC original OS was WinXP, but after it got corrupted, I tried to re-install but couldn't? I have no problem installing Win98, but with XP everytime I try to install from Dos, it comes to the stage where it says Setup is installing Windows.. Wait.. But nothing happens forever? Same thing happens when I install from Win98 as upgrading, it goes thru the process and when it restarts, it stops responding when the bar appears at bottom saying installing windows?

Please help me?
Its a Dell PC Optiplex 170L

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Did you reformat and partition the drive first?

Sorry not sure as somebody else did the installing of win98 but am sure that it was formated as no Winxp on it now.


you do know you cant start the xp install from DOS as its an nt based system?

you have to start it by booting from the xp cd. Starting the windows 98 dos and typing setup will not work!


I tried to do this already by using WinXP CD from dos cd boot, but couldn't finish it, even tried thru windows upgrading but same happened.

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