Hey! here's a strange case for you ;)

In the summer my computer started to act strange - beginning with a bad install of Vista (crap). Went back to XP and then the comp wouldent start up - I opend the case side and then suddently it worked. - This was fine for a while - then it wouldent start again - I tipped the case on the side - then voila. - This worked for a while - then nothing again.

So I figured it was probably the Powersupply - I mounted the hardware in a different case with a different Powerssupp. and it worked fine.

Got a new powersupply from the store and mounted the HW back in the old case.

But now it won't start again, The motherboard's light is on, and when i push the powerbutton the fans and everything works fine for 1 second - then nothing. - When i push the button again - absolutely nothing. Then I turn off the main power switch for a few secs until the motherboard light turns off - Try the button again and it works for another second.

I was thinking it could be the powebutton - but don't think som becouse it lights up for a second. - It's not the powersupply - it's brand new - and all the other parts works fine in a different case.....

I hope you can help me ;)


Computer specs:
Case:Tsunami Dream
Mother: ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3700+
RAM: 2048
Disk: 1x250gb SATA (WinXP install) 1x500gb SATA (empty brand new) 1x120gb

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What about heat and dust from the other casing is it providing enbough ventilation for the hardware in the case

I don't think that's the problem I cleaned the case and fans before i mounted the HW. and since it's only on for 1 second (maybe less) I doubt that the cpu is to hot.

The CPU fan also start for the brief time the computer is on.


No bips and self-test doesent start - I triplechecked the wiring on the power and power-led

leds light up for the brief second computr starts.

I would strip the thing down to just the cpu setup and mobo and power it on, and then go from there. Add RAM and try starting it, add video card, try starting it, etc.

Hi, you check if the mobo or any parts maybe shorted to the casing of your computer? Try to power on without using the power button on your computer, check line that connects the power button to your mobo, then take out that connector then short the two pins, see if it can power on properly.. if it works then it could be your power button faulty... Just try..

Did the following:

Dismantled the powerbutton from another case - tried it, but computer still dead.

I decided that it had to be the powersupply again - went back to the store and had it tested - it was bad.

Got a third powersupply and now my computer is back up and running.

What's the chance of getting 2 bad powersupplies in a row?

Thanx for you suggestions.

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