My external hard drive began rattling so loudly it sounded like a motorcycle was in my living room. I immediately turned it off, let it cool down and tried turning it back on - it made the same noise. My external holds 500gb and I am currently using 100+. All of this data is important and I don't know what to do. Anyone have any suggestions? How to I stop the rattling? It my data lost? Where would I take something like this to get fixed?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rachel, and welcome to DaniWeb.

This is not good news, this is usually indicative of a failing hdd. If it still works start transferring the files you want to save either to another hdd or DVD. Usually when they start making this kind of noise they are on the way out.

Look in your BIOS and see if the SMART feature is enabled and see what it says regarding that drive. The SMART is a industry standard self-diagnostic system built into the hdd, if it says SMART bad it is dying.


Where is a good place for me to go to find help with this? Is there some way that someone can physucally look at it? I have no idea where I'd take it to get fixed. Would Best Buy or Circuit City work? Thank you for your response.


Usually when a hdd dies it is usually because of a board failure, or what I suspect in your case is a physical problem with the disc. For that there is not repair.

As I said, if it still works back up your important files and be prepared for it to fail. You should be able to transfer your important files to you internal drive provided you have enough free space left.

Best Buy and Circuit City won't be able to do anything more than what I have suggested you do, of course they can and will do it for you for a price.

As for replacing it instructions for formating and partitioning a new hdd to replace you external one can be provided it you need.

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