I have a computer (no OS yet) that will not boot from the floppy drive. I checked all the connections and everything seems fine. I checked the BIOS and made sure it was set to boot from the floppy. What I noticed, however, during startup, the floppy is shown as a "B" drive instead of the normal "A" drive. The ribbon cable for the floppy has only one connector, so it can't be connected wrong. Any idea how to fix this so the computer will see it as the "A" drive?

Try swapping the cable ends on the motherboard-- a lot of times, that can determine what letter the floppy drive has.

If that doesn't work, look for a BIOS option that says "Floppy drive swap", or something like that. I don't know what possible reason you'd need this option, but a lot of motherboard manufacturers put this option in there. If it's set to YES, change it to NO, and vice-versa.

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