The Toshiba Satellite A55-s1066 will not boot at all
(no sounds from the hardware, no display). All that
shows up is the ambar ac light blinking (tried with
and without the battery with and get same light
blinking). No other light comes on. The amber light
blinks with the following pattern repeated ( I guess
this is the diagnostic code for what is happening).

short blink - short blink - long blink
short blink - short blink - long blink
short blink - short blink - pause

then repeats above cylce again....
Does anyone know what the code is for? What is the
problem? Is it a bios problem? hardware? software?
battery? Should this model boot with the ac power
adapter and no battery? What would the repair cost
estimate be?Thank you for your help !!

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I am having the same problem. I bought a new battery thinkig that that would solve the problem, however, it still will not boot up now that the juice from that battery is gone. Additionally, it was charging occassionally from the AC adapter, but little by little it got touchier and touchier to the point now that no amount of jostling of the Ac adapter int eh socket will allow it to charge. Any ideas? I really appreciate it. Thanks!

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