just as the title says, is there a noticeable difference between 16 bit and 24 bit sound. (I have logitechs 5300e 5.1 speakers and a sb live 5.1 external card.) i was just wondering because my usb 2.0 ports are only outputing usb 1.1 so it can only output 16 bit...is it worth me buying a usb 2.0 pci card to get better sound or would i not notice it?

btw i listen to lots of highquality music and play fps

I didn't even know they made external SB Live!s - I thought it was only the Extigy. Are you sure you have an external sound card there?

Internal is the way to go for gaming on a desktop - far less CPU utilisation means better game performance, but if you're happy with the performance now I wouldn't really bother with an upgrade. As for sound quality, I haven't noticed much difference in my upgrades (but I'm no audiophile) - Live->Audigy->Audigy 2 (plus the sound needs to have been recorded in 24 bit to start with).

yeah i have an external live 5.1 24bit...its kindof new. i got it because i had no pci slots open at the time of purchase but now i do cuz i pulled all the stuff i dont use anymore out. I ordered the card from newegg for 10 bucks for 5 usb 2.0 ports so ill see if i see any difference in sound. i was j/w with this post

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yes! ther is a noticeable diffrence.
i was so suprised about new clear sound definitely u should change to 24bit