Printer: Brother HL-1440
Statement of the Problem: The printer was working beautifully, but it suddenly stopped feeding paper through. It receives data and warms up, but then it does not pick up the paper from the tray, nor will it grab paper from the manual feed slot. I really don't want to throw the printer out, since it does a great job of printing and I recently bought several costly printer cartridges for it.

Attempts to troubleshoot:
* I have checked thoroughly--front and back--and found no paper jams or foreign substance in the printer.
* I have examined the drum-toner cartridge assembly; everything looks completely normal.
* I have checked the two micro-switches in the paper track--the front switch seems to control the manual paper feed and the other one seems to sense whether or not paper is moving through. Both switches appear to be functioning correctly.
* I have thought of the possibility of a broken drive belt, but I couldn't figure out how to get inside the printer to check that out without totally disassembling the printer.

Any suggestions on further steps to troubleshoot and repair the printer? If disassembly is required, is there an online repair manual or, at the very least, a parts list and diagram?

Giving it a wild guess, I would say that the cause is broken drive belt. If the wheels that push the paper are not turning it is either drive belt or the motor. If it is a good printer and you don't want to ruin it any further, maybe getting it repaired by professionals would be the best solution.

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