Yeah, i know, there seem to be a lot of laptop LCD not working threads, not one of them could shine any light on my particular problem..

I own a Dell Inspiron 2600 Laptop. And up until the other day, it was working fine, then i notcied after i restarted it one day after a windows update, the LCD came back as solid white at POST (before the OS loads). i thought that was kinda odd, so i waited a little while to see if it would come back after XP loaded, and it didn't. I hooked up an external LCD monitor to it and that has a great output with no problems. i tore down the laptop and removed the video card and reseated it, to no avail. i was able to get video while in safe mode, once or twice but now i get all white all the time. i also tried reinstalling XP. no luck...

I'm wondering if maybe its a video card? i even looked at the ribbon cable that feeds the LCD from the main board at the hinge to see if maybe it were worn out or cracked, no dice...

any thoughts?

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Sounds like driver for screen has been lost. Try looking at control panel, system, device manager and see what drivers are in place for monitor.


yeah, i had though about that, but the LCD is white even before the OS loads... so it's go tto be a hardware issue... i have reinstalled all the dirvers on a fresh XP installation... no luck....

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