This is my first build and I'm a bit discouraged with the results.

Once everything is hooked up, the power supply is switched on, and the power button on the front panel is pushed, two things happen: the lights on the fans flash on, and the fans budge a little. No sound of a healthy hard drive.

I'd have to assume the motherboard is hooked up correctly (a 24 pin and another 4 pin connection) because an LED labeled "5VSB_LED" comes on once the power supply is switched on.

There's a SATA connection running from the motherboard's SATA0 to the hard drive's power supply.

The switches from the front panel are plugged properly into the motherboard as far as I can tell. I'm not sure if the colored wire or the white wire is ground, but I think it's white, and I've tried both configurations.

The inputs to the front panel are plugged in, the ram is snugly in place, the processor and its fan are plugged in as the instructions indicate. Two other fans draw directly from the power supply. The only other things to speak of are a USB and audio connection on the motherboard, a graphics card in the PCI express slot and a wireless card.

Help me turn my expensive paperweight into a nice computer?

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YOU ARE AN ANGEL/GENIUS jbennet. Thank you for your quick reply. The computer starts now. Now all I have to do is figure out how to mount it in the case properly.


Turns out a single screw was shorting out the motherboard. Remove the screw, computer comes to life. Thanks again. This has made my day.


New problem - the computer isn't sending any signal to the monitor. I know the graphics card is getting power because the fan on it is running.

Any suggestions?


Now all I have to do is figure out how to mount it in the case properly.

Your case/motherboard should have come with "standoffs" whch are things that the screws go into to prevent the motherboard from touching the case

look like in the pic here:


In relation to problem #2 its either fried due to the earlier problem or its not enabled

Let me explain:

machines which have a video port on the motherboard usually default to using that INSTEAD of the add-in graphics card. My newest build was like that. I had to use the built-in port first then go into the BIOS and tell it to use an addin video card if inserted, or otherwise fall back to the onboard video.


Wow. It's like you can see what I'm doing wrong. Let's be friends forever jbennet.

Ok. I put the standoffs in, and am drawing signal from the onboard monitor (i just took out the graphics card for now to make things simple). Still nothing though... I reset the CMOS by switching the jumper but still nothing.

Ideas of where to go next?


Constant shorting out of things is very bad for electrical components. Were you wearing anti-static gear while fixing ur machine? If not add static to your problem list. Are there any blown capacitors on your motherboard? (small cyclinder things) If one of those has gone i think you need a new computer, or get it to a repair shop ASAP.


Yeah i think that either

A: youve done something wrong somewhere

B: you have broken the motherboard or PSU (maybe more) by not using the standoffs

I think you should consult an expert.


Yeah, an expert in the field of motherboard electrics is your only hope of saving this motherboard. You have probably blown some Microchips which is causing your computer not to boot.


Lights come on, fans work, I believe I can even hear HD noises. No beeps though. I tried swapping memory, different sticks, one stick, no sticks, and the same thing happens no matter what the configuration.

I was not wearing anti-static gear, though I wasn't wearing synthetic cloth and I was careful to touch the chassis every time I went to touch something else.

Can you tell if a capacitor is blown by looking at it?


Yep, if it smoking, leave the room immediatly and open a window. (Very rare that this happens but it can).
Otherwise look for stains on the mobo around the capacitors this is where the liquid compound could have leaked out and damaged the wires/resistors/other componets casuing your machine more grief.
How far do you get in the booting phase? As in what you see on screen.


Can you tell if a capacitor is blown by looking at it?

yeah, they tend to bloat and ooze (or the tops start to pop off slightly)

I really dont know what the problem is. I think it needs to go to the PC shop.

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