Hi all, new member here. I am looking for some advice on a Toshiba Tecra 9100 that a friend is troubleshooting. Initially there was no power to the laptop, so he did a complete disassembly, checking all connections. On this laptop the mainboard is basically in 2 parts as I understand it, and he went ahead and disconnected, then reconnected the two portions. Replaced the RTC battery also, and once rebuilt the system would boot.

The kicker here is, after shutdown, the only way he has been able to make the system boot again is by manual disassembly and reset. My question is this, on the power circuit of this laptop, doesnt the battery handle the reset for the next power up? Could there possibly be a bad chip on the mobo, and if anyone has had this problem before, could you point me in the right direction? I figured it would be better to ask a round some on a few forums before I tell him to just go ahead and spend the day testing out every chip on the mobo, although he may go ahead and do that anyway

If anyone has had a similar experience and knows how to fix this, please post. If my friend had internet access he would be posting instead of I. I usually dont go quite as in depth as he does on repairs. He will spend all day figuring out exactly which chip needs replaced, then dig through his collection of used parts, find the proper replacement, and solder it in place. The guy is really quite handy. I am more of a find the guilty party, then find a reasonable replacement. I charge $42 an hour to fix things, and in most situations, it is more cost effective to replace the offender than to spend hours on a complete teardown, testing everything with a multimeter, then find the chip, diode, cap, etc.., resolder to the board..anyway, you get my drift.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


My Tecra A7 will not power on.
When NOT connected to a power-pack, but with a charged battery-pack fitted shows NO lights at any time (DC-in | Power | main-battery)
When connected to its power-pck (15.50volt at the plug tip) shows NO lights at any time (DC-in | Power | Main-battery)

Any suggestions?
Is this similar to your conditions?

Does all power, including DC-in go via the battery-pack?

Are there any internal protection devices that can disable Power to the main board?


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