On MSI Radeon 9800pro 128 MB
I instaled Fraps for checking my framerate in games. I was just surprised, when the game start (GTA sansandrees, Medal of honor-PA and NFS underground 2) the frame rate shown by the fraps are 60-117 and when i start palying game then framerate suddenly fall at 10-30. Whats the matter. Some time game slow down at high settings but i can play game well in start and after some time framerates falls and game slows down. How can i adjust the constant framerates to the games?(There is no option given to adjust the FPS in games?) How much FPS can my card play at high settings?

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You can only improve performance (that is, the number of frames per second that your video card spits out) by adjusting the level of graphics detail (or buy a new card, but you've already done that!). The ingame menus do not require much graphics power, hence the apparently high framerate. Tone down the detail and any AA/AF settings in the control panel.

You cannot "adjust" FPS directly in most cases - the performance you see is governed by the processing power of the video card and the settings you apply in games. ;)


Does my problem due to heating of my 3dCard? Or powersupply?


No, if they were issues then the more likely result would be instability. As I said before, adjust your graphics detail to achieve better performance.

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