I am going to build my own computer and I need some help fnding components.
I need a VERY fast AMD processor (no more than $1500)
I also need a very good ASUS motherboard (no more than $1500)
And an excellent graphics card (no more than $1000) (Best I've seen is nvidia 8800 ULTRA)
And finally, the very best INTERNAL hard drive that can be bought with no more than $500. (at least 500 gigs)

I do not overclock.
I know where to get all else.
Please try to find ones that can be bought at stores rather than only on the internet.

After careful consideration (of about 3 minutes) I have decided that I do not absolutely have to have amd or asus, but I must have the best for the price. (And everything must be compatible, if that was not already clear...)

How can I change the title of the thread? to (I need help finding components)

I thank whoever gave me the wonderful advice "", oh... None of you actually gave me advice... Or even told me to look for myself.
Is this subject against the rules, or something, or does no one who visits this site, and more specifically this thread, know anything about buying good computer parts?
Or maybe you just refuse to answer me because my thread title is a typo...