Ugh, this monitor went on the fritz a month ago and Ive had to use my backup 800x600 max resolution since, which is a complete pain! I didnt know if anyone here could make a best guess as to what the heck happened. Seems like it would be a pretty standard problem, it happened out of nowhere. Was just sitting here doing work and it went from the left picture to the right. Thanks!




Additional Information:

The problem only happens on one monitor. I tried using different cables and different power cords, but no to avail. I can plug in a working monitor and it works just fine, I can unplug it and plug in the questionable monitor and I get the pictures on the right from above. Both monitors are LCD and the broken one is about 1 year old. Again, thanks for any responses!

You said the monitor you're using now is 800x600 max, what res are you running the other one at?

Have you updated any drivers recently (such as display drivers,) that you could roll back to test?

Is there anything that could be causing interference such as a UPS or something with a large magnetic field?

When the screen displays like this, do the lines across the screen move? or do they just sit like that?

The broken monitor was running at 1024x768, I hadn't updated any drivers on it and there is nothing near it that would raise EMI issues. The lines DO move, they flicker, the lines are horizontal. I was just sitting here working on a paper when this happened, didn't bump the desk or anything. I was thinking a part went bad and didnt know if this symptom was common enough to point to which part it was....

Thank for you taking the time to reply!

Do you use seperate cables for each monitor? if so, try using the the one from the working monitor; If you can, restart your computer with the buggy monitor on and boot into safe mode and see if that stops the squirming (safe mode uses low color and res)

Otherwise if possible try changing the res you're using on the buggy monitor (if you can see through the line's enough)

I tried every combination of cables (2 confirmed working and 2 thought to be working), but to no avail. I also tried the safe mode situation the same day it went out, for the same reasons you mentioned. No luck there either :(

This is looking quite grim; you could call the manufacturer and see if their tech support will give you more insight as to what might be causing this, but it seems like your display might be nearing the end unless someone poked some random 'break temporarily' button.

Haha, it seems like the button would be the case, since its only a year old and hasn't endured any shaking or falling off of desks. So, I might just search around for people having the same issue. Thank you for your time! Its greatly appreciated.