Recently I Bought Asus Motherboard (model P5RD1-VM).I Put This Motherboard And Connected It With All Parts.when I Started The Pc Everything Went Well. I Have Installed All The Necessary Softwares And After The Pc Runs For About Two Hours I Turned It Off.
The Problem Now Is When I Pluuged It The Next Day It Started By Itself And Moreover There Is Nothing On The Monitor.I Have Tried Different Monitor,another Ram,another Power Supply The Same Thing Happens .
Please Help Me Solve This Problem

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It started by itself? - please provide more details.
Are there any beeps?
Did you check VGA if it is seated well? (if you're not using intrgrated one)
Is the CPU fan spinning?
Are the mobo power cable(s) correctly plugged?
Did you, by any chance, flash the BIOS?

I suggest that you start troubleshooting step-by-step.

Try PSU,CPU and mobo only (no vga, ram hd's or any pci cards plugged) to see if there is any POST.

If you get the POST install the 1 memory stick. Reboot to see if it is to blame. Try all the sticks you have one by one.

If you make any progress, please reply.

P.S. Maybe it was a poor mobo chice regarding that ATI is no more.

Thanks For Writing Chaky.let Me Try To Give You Some Details.
The Vga And All Peripherials Are Integrated With The Mobo.i Have Tried Another Psu,ram, And Monitor That Are Well Working With Other Pcs.
I Have Also Restared Conneting The Parts Including The Motherboard From Scratch And Tried Troubleshoot Step By Step But The Same Problem Occures Again.
Pls Write Me If U Have Got Any Additional Suggestion.

You will need to tell me EXACTLY what happends when you switch in on, like are the fans spinning, do you hear the HD spin-up are the leds flashing, and most imprtant are there any beeps. And is there a beeper at all.

From what I see over here it seems it is either fryed mobo or CPU.

hi chaky.Thanks again.I thought i gave you enough info.
Let me add these
1.there is no beeb at all
2.the hard disk is working well.
3.I don't switch it on.It just starts only when plugged.
4.This problem goes on even when the mobo is on bench and when i tried it in another case.
5.the fans are all working.
Generally everything seems alright except that there is no signal(display) and the computer does not need to be switched on to start.
Do you think it a BIOS problem??
I am seeing forward for your message.

You say that at first it worked fine, now it won't turn off nor turn on.

I'm afraid that the source is either CPU, mobo or both. I hope it is still under the warranty.

All you can do is find out which is fryed (try another mobo or CPU) and return the faulty piece back to the store.

Thanks chaky.That's what i thought.Actually the cpu is doing fine.It must be the motherboard.Thanks again.I appriciate all your efforts and suggestions!!!

It sounds like your CPU is fried, did you change the dip switch settings by the side of it? Is there a LED on your motherboard, and if so, dose it light up?

i no this sounds weird but this happend to me a few times before you throw away your mobo try just taking the back I/O plate ive found acouple of time it shorted out or created a brigde or sumthing to kick in the power when you plug it in ive had to bulid a few machines for friends without the back plate now.

hope this post helps anyone who looking 4 another answer i no these other post are old

I'm actually having this same exact problem after we blew a circuit the other day.

I bought a brand new Mobo/CPU combo, tried it in same case, still blank screen and faint system sounds, no HD writing (just min activity) and no graphics response. It just turns on when you flip PSU power switch, i even disconnected the internal power switch cable.

I thought it was a power issue so Installed a 660watt PSU and tried all of the above and SAME problem. I am very familiar with constructing computers and every few years I encounter a problem that makes me go out and just buy all new hardware piece by piece to solve the problem. Here I am again, but

So I'm at the point where I know its not the:
Video Card. Mobo, Cpu, Hard Drive, ANY Peripherals

Could it be dead ram? Usually I get some response from mobo, no beeps, nothing this time... could it even be a grounding issue? This case is strange, it has "mounds" where case screws go in instead of letting me install female screw pegs into a baseplate. Some of the screws don't exactly tighten all the way.

I forgot to say I tried video card in another machine, works fine, but check this out... the video card fan WILL NOT turn on in the machine in question. But, swapping it into the other machine, the vid card works fine, boots into windows, looks good. What else could it be?

How could it be a power issue (all of a sudden after many months of use) with two different PSUs and TWO different CPU/MOBOs?

Last known environmental change was that power outage, but remarkably this machine was plugged into backup power supply with the million dollar warranty :D Hope I don't have to put that to the test and just figure out this problem already...

Dead RAM is easy to figure.. just try powering on without any RAM at all. You should get some feedback (beeps, or error message). In other words, confirmation that RAM is the culprit.

But I highly doubt that RAM is the culprit, since it would manifest in other ways. What you are describing seems to me like 80% Mobo and 20% CPU.

Is video card fan plugged in mobo, or is it directly powered from PSU?

Power outage can raise havoc with sensitive electronics and, in theory, it could fry mobo and/or other sensitive components, so if it was brand-new before outage, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is impervious to jolts.

My advice is to strip it down to bare essentials, and go from there (PSU, MOBO, CPU, Video).

you didn't state if your using a graphics card but heres the rule if you are
the graphics port may need to be switched on in your BIOS go there and see what the video setting is

I forgot to say I tried video card in another machine, works fine, but check this out... the video card fan WILL NOT turn on in the machine in question. But, swapping it into the other machine, the vid card works fine, boots into windows, looks good. What else could it be?

How could it be a power issue (all of a sudden after many months of use) with two different PSUs and TWO different CPU/MOBOs?

I was just curious if you ever solved this dilemma - I have recently encountered the EXACT same scenario and have gone through all these same measures - with no success. Then to make matters worse, I now have a second machine that has the EXACT same problem - it's an epidemic! I'm pretty good at diagnostics but this one has me completely stumped. Thanks for any input.

try to check the VGA and RAM, VGA and replace your RAM with your friend's, if the problem persists, try to do like this;
1. loading your CPU, remove all power from the power supply, dislodged cable CD-ROM and HDD are also Floppy if any,
2. RAM detached, dislodged battery
3. dislodged CMOS jumper, move the jumper to position 2-3 (normal 1-2) and replace the battery, wait about 30 seconds.
4. then move the jumper to 1-2 position normal position,
5. The next pairs of RAM and the mainboard power
6. CPU power turn on, tune in if there is a beep, 1 or 2 beeps, it means that the normal CPU
7. go to the bios menu, normally press the DEL or F2 depending on the type of your mainboard, select the menu system information, see the RAM capacity, (if the stage had reached stage 7 means your computer can be used).
8. turn off the computer, attach the HDD and CD-ROM drive.
9, finally, turn on the computer and set the first and second boot on BIOS, finished save your changes.
10. good luck.

try to replace your PSU and Power cord.......

Hi everyone:
i have the same problem but with a second machine. the cpu & the psu fans both run the mobo light is lit. no power to cd roms or floppy but light stay a lit on cd rom hd makes noise no beeps no runs no monitor. will a bad cpu chip cause this problem?

I have a similar Problem. When I load the OS without the Graphics Card Installed, everything goes fine. When I Install the Card while the Power is off, It will not display when the power is turned on--Regardless of where I plug my VGA cord. Whether it is ONboard, or graphics card, neither will display. i canot download drivers, becasue it cannot detect that I have installed a GC AFTER the power is turned on.

I have brought the new board and have assembled it but thought wen i start it doed not ask for power switch and it starts automatically.
I think there is a problem for the swith buttons on the board so is it right or wrong...

The video card address may not be comaptible with the BIOS of the system. I tried several different known good working card s in a system recently and got about the same problem, card out system would post and boot, card in and nothing swapping the PSU did nothing for it either.

Hardiktolia (Hijack) you may have a short under the board try removing the M/board to cardboard box (the one it came in) it attach a PSU and a switch if you have one and try the Pizza box Computer trick..
If the board spring to life you have a faulty board if not hen you need to use the standoffs or washers to insulate the board from the case

This problem is SOOO EASY to fix. When u plug it in and it powers on, turn it off. Then turn it back on. Its happens to me all the time. :D Hope this helps.

Hi everyone,

I also facing same issue with mu coputer.
Its start automatically without pressing power on buttun.
Only CPU and processor fan start
nothing else started.
I tried @bomberz's guideline but no luck...

Pls tell me if there is any other solution or i have to replace my mobo or PSU..

Guy pls help.. to overcome this problem..

Thanks in advance.

I bought two days before was one intel motherboard. Everything is pluged, but no display. Not came to beep sound, processor fan is running, but anything don't will come. How can i sole the problem. Kindly Help me.

I am having this problem. When I plugged it in it started by itself (fan but no display). I held the power button in until the fan shut off then restarted it and it worked fine. I will test it again today and see if it is still good.

I think your VGA unit is not work or ram .

I think There should be some problem with your video driver or video card

check your monitor power cable and VGA
check the monitor setting like brightness..............
Clean RAM and reinsert.............

It is a option in Bios to turn this function off in a some way. Also note that Bios various from each to other so there are some differences. Go to your Bios and search for something like "Power On Failure" or "Restore on AC power loss" like in my Bios Advanced--->ACPI Configuration and turn it from Enable state to Disable. It must now functioning properly. If not something must be wrong with hardware but I dope it is if it does not beep...

Have a nice day, Renato

check if the GPU cord is loose and take it out and plug back in.
Try reconnecting the RAM as well try different slots.

when are plug power cable on my computer it turn on itself and does not show on the screen

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