hey i have a intel pentium 4 3.4ghz, i want to overclock it higher but i'm not to sure what i should set the settings to, cause i don't wanna blow up my comp.

CPU: 3.47 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
16 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache
Board : AS8 / AS8-V (Intel i865-ICH5) 1.0
Bus: 204 mhz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 01/21/2005

Some advice would greatly be appreciated, thanks!

I'm assuming that this is a custom build, and not some proprietary build.. As for overclocking, I wouldn't recommend it. The best you can do nowadays is 10% or so.. You won't notice any difference.

Hey its okay to overclock if you have the right hardware and cooling, I overclock all my computers.

Just go into you bios and go to

Config System Frequency/Voltage

And increase CPU FSB Frequency.

Your computer shouldnt blow up, If the settings are to high it wont even boot into windows. Then you just lower them.

If your not sure you can just use ai booster if you have a asus mb.

Also go a google search.
Query "your mb overclock"

I suggest you take it a bit more seriously and do it slowly. A few things:
Before you start:
- You've not given all the needed specs (e.g. mem speed, exact CPU) so I'm assuming you're not an expert at this (like me), so I suggest you do your reading first.
- Get all needed softwares like:
- CoreTemp
- Prime95
- Find out your temp limits, find your CPU at http://processorfinder.intel.com/Default.aspx, for B1 stepping you would be safe till 68 C. Being conservative as I am. :).
- There are many theories but I would prefer to increase the FSB (bottom up) rather than decrease it (top down like Optical says).

1. Reduce your RAM speed to minimum before starting.
2. Increase FSB in 5-10MHz steps. No change in Vcore until it's needed.
3. If you don't pass POST increase Vcore (VERY small steps)
4. Once you pass POST and boot up fine do
- some stress testing (Prime 95) to ensure things are fine. Anything more than 6 hours is good.
- ensure your temps (CoreTemp) are within check.
5. If all is fine (no errors in stress test and temps are within limits):
- Take a snapshot of current settings (CPU-Z)
- repeat from Step 2 again.

Of course all this at your own risk. :)

i overclocked my Pentium Extreme to ~4.2 using water cooling

with a standard 3.4, you may be able to get 3.8 or 4 if you are lucky.

Anwyay yes, do it in small steps and attemot at tyour own risk!
Cooling is essential!

With air I think you could get 4GHz, but chips vary (sometimes greatly).

I would suggest that you invest in good cooling before any drastic OC. From my experience Thermalright makes good HSs and Arctic Cooling has about the best fans for the money, but if you are serious about pushing the limits try a peltier or refrigerated cooler ($$$). I try to stay away from water, but others swear by it (havent taught my computer to swim yet).

yeah buy arctic silver paste. expensive but good.

JB, I actually found Arctic Cooling MX-2 to be a bit better, but AS is good and more readily available. Cheap investment for the benefits it yields, expensive when you realize what it really is. P.S. I have read that some condiments perform better, of course they may have side effects (drying).

mine cooled my cpu a good 5 degrees more than the stock one did