I am trying to install an ATI Radeon 9200 PCI video card on my Acer Aspire 1845 and I am not having any success! I believe I have read every other thread but have not found my exact problem

Here's my senerio: I install the card and when I boot up all I have is a black screen. It also seems that it is hanging up on the Acer boot up screen, because my keyboard does not kick in however, I have lights on everything else (floppy drive, CD/Rom Drive). I can also hear the Hard Drive functioning and my fan is spinning.

My BIOS does not have an option to disable the onboard graphics but I have tried to disable through device manager and that does not change anything. I have also changed my current display adapter to the standard VGA PCI and same thing. I have deleted the display adapter , shut down, installed new card and still same thing! I do see jumper settings on my MOBO for it however according to my jumper layout they are not listed and therefore cannot be changed.

Heres my current info:
Windows '98
160MB Ram
300MHz AMD-K6 Processor

I have searched and have not been able to locate any BIOS updates at all. Acer seems to have pretty much dropped the older systems completely as far as any help goes.

I have been on the FTP sites on found just about everyother MOBO but absolutely no info for a V58XA. It's like it never existed!

I am going nuts trying to think of any other options or maybe I am just missing the obvious! Help will be greatly appreciated!!

I see the jumper settings on my MOBO to disable however on my layout for the MOBO it is not shown and it states "if a jumper setting is not listed you must not change it" I don't know if I should attempt it or if that would cause MORE problems!

I am also wondering if you think it could be my PSU? I think i have a 200w but I am not certain. Is there anyway for me to find out or to determine if this is my problem?


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you might need to downlaod the drivers from ati

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