I m trying to help a friend whose Dell Dimension 4500 won't start, won't post but does show a light on on the front of the case. I tested the PSU using an Ultra PSU tester. The tester showed the 20 pin wire harness had a failure on the -5 jack. The P4 cables showed a failure on the +5 jack. I know Dell has their own proprietary PSUs so before I tell him to buy a new PSU, I guess my questions are: "Is the Ultra PSU tester accurate on Dell PSUs?" and "Showing a failure on the -5 in the 20 pin harness and the +5 P4 harness mean the PSU is worthless?" My friend's uncle dropped the computer from about 3 feet up and broke the plastic off the mobo side of the case. I reseated all cards & all wires and still get no POST, no activity, just that yellow light on the front side of the case. Am I even heading down the right road to fixing this system? Thanks in advance peeps:?:

Even if the Ultra PSU tester is accurate on Dell PSUs As far as I know Dell technicians won't agree to the fact that you have done a PSU tester. They have their own troubleshooting steps which they have to follow in order to ship the damaged equipments. To save your time on the call you can advice them you have already tested the PSU. Their won't be any issue for them to replace the part if it is damaged and is confirmed after troubleshoooting.