Hello everyone,

If anybody at all can help me with this, I'd be really grateful:
for the past couple of weeks, I've been having display issues that can be best described as follows:
In games, when camera turns (most FPS) or graphics go fast (e.g PES6), it looks as if the objects on screen are being redrawn too slowly resulting in instaneous image tearing which stops right away when the character is not moving.
In Pes6, for instance, I can see horizontal lines/waves whenever the ball moves too fast.
Initially I thought it was a monitor problem so I plugged in an exact same one; (LG LCS 1970H)still the same problems.
I upgraded (a little sooner than I had planned to) from a 7800GTX to an 8800 GTS.
I upgraded from a 480W PSU to a 600W Tagan (48A on 12v) PSU
all to no avail.
I formatted my HD,downloaded all the new drivers, turned Vsync on/off, triple buffering etc.
My rig had been running smoothly for over a year now and all of a sudden this problem started.


Athlon 4200 Dual Core
Tagan 600W PSU
Leadtek 8800 GTS
1GB Kingston DDR2 Ram

Any help would be much appreciated.


This sounds to me like something to do with Response time (in ms) If you check a website or something on your monitor it should have the response time listed on there (response time is how long it takes to redraw the image I believe) I am not an expert, but anything over, say 8 or so would probably cause problems.

Then again, you could google response time and see if you can find some images to compare yours to.

Thnx for the advice there, however the monitor was working just fine for a year, I had it
RMAed and this is a new one so I don't think it has anything to do with the monitor or its
response time. Maybe I did not describe this so well:
The horizontal lines that appear whenever an in-game camera turns or a game character or a game sprite (to use an old fashioned 80s word) moves also distort the image on screen.
Kind of like the screen being split by the horizontal distortion lines. Imagine having a cell phone ready to ring near your screen, doesn't the monitor distort the image for a moment?
(And no I have no speakers or the like near the monitor). This kind of thing happens whenever the image is not idle.
Does anybody have any idea what this could be?

Thnx again.