I am using IBM PC and ever since I installed second DVD RW my computer has started
giving following problem.

sometime when I switch on a message appears in black background giving me the option
to start in either Safe mode, normal mode etc etc
when I opt for normal mode then after logging as a administrative user and while using any application the computer automatically gets shut down and again restarts with the same option as stated above.

I am using two hard drive and two DVD R/RW and they are connected as
for Primary port - one hard drive in which XP is loaded as primary master
and one DVD R set as primary slave
for secondary port- another hard drive as secondary master
and DVD RW as secondary slave
Will any one help me

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try hooking devices this way ,both hdd on primary one master one slave ,and the 2 dvdrw on the secondary one master one slave .it is better to transfer file to the dvdrom from the hdd when they are on separate channels anyway

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