I was attempting to fix a video problem (all my videos feeds from Netflix were coming through in bright purples, greens, reds, yellows, etc.) and thought I had it solved. I was attempting to reboot - as the system requested I do, when all of a sudden the hard drive started revving up like it was a sports car. It got faster and faster and louder and louder and then I quickly pulled the plug on the machine (maybe a bad idea).

Anyway, when I restarted the machine, nothing comes up. It goes through the Dell logo screen and offers the option to press F2 or F12, but when I do either, nothing further happens. It's as if there is nothing else there.

I have a back up hard drive (Maxtor) and I could access it, but I can even get to a C prompt to do anything...

Any thoughts or ideas or suggestions?

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My father's old computer had a problem similar with the loud race car noise, but it was not his HDD, it was his CD drive. It may be your optical drive if you have a certain CD in it. If not, get another HDD and plug in that one in place of the other one to see for sure if it really is your HDD.

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