i have a samsung ide hd, this morning when i booted up it wouldnt detect the hd

in the boot order, hard rive wasnt listed
my hard drive is the only thing on the wire... its not connected to the cdrom or anything, just the motherboard

and yesterday it stopped detecting my video card too
and my sound card a week ago

what do i do..... replace my motherboard?

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Maybe the power connector and ide cable are not properly seated in their sockets.


i just checked... they r

but when i switch the socket for the cd rom and the hard rive

the cdrom stops working and the hard drive works now

so is there something i can do to make the socket work?
and i tried putting the hard drive and cdrom on the same socket as master and slave, but it detects the cdrom as master and doesnt detect the hd at all


Try swapping or try other power connector. I am sure there is a loose socket on the part of your hard drive.


ok thanks alot i guess it was the loose sockets

but i wentinto the bios and in chip configuration only secondary pci ide was turned on...?

so i turned on both and it works now

but thanks any ways

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