I have a Gateway E6000 desktop with an Intel Lexington 3 Pentium 4 HT - 3.06-GHz (533-MHz) motherboard.

I got the machine used from a company that had it as their server.

The first time I turned it on, I got a series of beeps from the BIOS : one long, two short, a puse then two short. Then the hard drives spun, the floppy drive buzzed, etc. Then after a minute or so, I heard a click and then it did the whole thing over again. Meanwhile my monitor said "No signal."

After leaving it like that for 20 minutes or so, suddenly the monitor came on with the normal Gateway screen and she booted up.

To avoid the problem in the future I would not shut down, jsut put her into standby mode and it worked totally fine. Occasionally when I needed to reboot, I would have the exact same problem. But after 20 minutes or so of beeping, it would finally boot up and everything worked fine.

This went on for months. But just recently, it started slowing down, so I figured it was time to reboot. (My OS is Windows 2000 Professional.) But this time it wouldn't boot up. Period. Same beeps and stuff, but this time it just kept doing it forever.

I've opened the case and removed and reseated all the expansion cards, IDE ribbons, and RAM. Nothing helped.

Do I need to buy a new motheboard? Or is it something else?


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