I'm looking to buy a new MOBO for my computer, and I was hoping someone might have a suggestion...HEre is what i'm looking for.

1. Socket 775 ( It's an AMD Athlon XP M +2800) I'm not possitive about the socket....I cant find it in the users Manuel.
2. AGP 8x
4. ATX
5. CHEAP.....I'm buying a Seagate 750gb SATA HDD, so I need to save up a lot of cash for that also. Some where between 100 and 200 dollars would be perfect...Thanks

If I'm not mistaken that is a socket A (socket 462), and you should be able to use one of these motherboards.

yes i did, im looking for a full size motherboard

Well pard...that's about it, this is what you are looking at with that relic of a PCU. There just aren't a lot of choices out there. Good luck.