I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to reset a maxtor internal ata
I can no longer boot up my machine with it plugged into my computer.
It used to boot but i couldn't access the drive (The drive is no longer allowing me to access it, Its not showing up in my My Computer Folder)
Then it stopped allowing me to boot. Its not my main i was using it as storage so it was hooked up in slave setting.
If i could figure out how to boot with it i could F disk it
Any suggestions or Solutions?

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Look in your bios, if you see the harddrive there then there's a chance you may be able to run fdisk and rebuild the partition on the drive. (doesn't mean the drive isn't bad though) Another possibility is a bad IDE ribbon. The fact it's a maxtor leads me to believe it's most likely just dead. Depending on its age, you may be able to RMA the drive, they're owned by Seagate now so check their website with the drive's serial number to see if its still under warranty.

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