I have an old PC:
celeron 2.2
512mb RAM (PC 2700)
300W PSU
Motherboard only has a PCI slot, and I was looking fora cheap GPU, so I could play older games, I have been looking at the 6200, how good are they, and area there any better?
I am aiming to spend less than £30, but I will go higher, so suggest any you know.

since it doesn't seem like you're in the market to upgrading your mobo for something like PCIE, I suppose the 6200 will work.

It won't run everything full blast!

Well, I know it wont run everything full blast, but I dont really want to spend several hundred pounds on a new motherboard, RAm, CPU, as this will mean I will be buying a whole new computer, all I want the computer for is mainly to work on, but also to be able to run older games, such as Cossacks 2, Call of Duty 2 etc.....
Would there be as better card, or a cheaper one that would not peform much worse?


So hold on, all you have is a regular PCI slot? (the older PCI slot)?

If so, I suppose it's not a bad choice.

I've never owned a 6200 however, I've gone through the 5200, the 6800, and now the 8600gt

You may want to look up some benchmarks for that card and see what it can handle.

With the 5200 I could play css on medium settings; it wasn't a terrible card, (40 fps average medium settings at 1024x768)

I wouldn't know what to expect from the 6200 however, since it is PCI and my 5200 was agp (256 meg, 128 bit)

i play guild wars on a 5200 agp quite happliy

Yeah I used to play guild wars :D

5200 worked well for it (up from integrated video :) ).

Then I upgraded to an ATI x1600...

yeah i use x600 pci-express now (new pc since the days of my agp 5200)

x600 plays cnc3, bf2, farcry at an acceptable standard