Each time I try to overclock on 2D Core Clock to max on DVI it freezes! My graphics card has the DVI input and I have gotten the DVI adapter. I ve seted it all up and still it wont work! Am overclocking on 600MHz... Can anyone tell me why and how can I fix this? Thanks in ahead!

Windows XP SP2
1280 Mbytes of RAM
AM2 Live! AFG6-LIVE (or something like that)
AMD2 Athlon 64 3000+

My specs are above!

overclocking anything like a gpu or memory or a cpu is bound to make it unstable at some point. have you checked the heat or run any stability tests?

what is the standard core clock of the gpu without an overclock, is it 600 mhz or is that what you were overclocking to?

My default Core Clock speed is 350MHz, temperature is 41C (as always). The problem is when i try to go maximum (600MHz) the computer freezes then I have to shut it down manually. That never happened before. It just becomes unstable. I tried rolling back drivers, nothing! Before that I ve tried updating them... and now this issue appears in VGA mode too!

Yeah overclocking from 350 to 600 core doesn't seem that safe. You may have seen reviews on the net that say that card can be overclocked like crazy but you could really damage it going that high.