i just upgraded my whole system and wanted to add my old harddrive to new system to back up files then just junk old drive(old pc would notpower up) but it booted up from the old hard drive(running win 98) instead of new the new one(running xp)
it did a whole bunch of driver updates then rebooted ........now it keeps rebooting and saying it has to reboot with a od error
i then unhooked old drive and tryed to reboot using new drive
but it will not even boot up now it just says ....verifiying files...
i went into bios to change boot order but still not booting up........
anyway i can fix this without reformatting and reinstalling windows
i dont have any original drivers with the pc
all i want to do now is run the new harddrive with xp on it and junk the old drive

any help would be helpful
thank you

i checked into bios and it is showing the hard drive as primary no prob there
but on boot up it says verifying dmi pool. data....no boot up

check the jumper setting on the hdd, master with slave,master/slave and although it really don't matter much ensure the master is at the end of the cable

With Your New System if the CPU was changed from AMD to P4 or visa versa, then the system wont boot that Hard Drive up at all unless completely wiped. hope this helps :icon_cool: