Hi guys i have a problem with my computer. When i switch it on at the wall my computer boots up staight away without me pressing the on button?? it then brings up a black screen with the following message:

Performing automatic IDE configuration...
Drive 0: Disk drive
Drive 2: CD-ROM device
Floppy diskette seek failure
Time of date not set-please run SETUP program
Invalid configuration information-please run SETUP program
Strike the f1 key to continue,F2 to run the setup utility

I have a DELL dimension 5150 desktop.

Can anyone help as i have no idea why this is happening or how to fix it?


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It sounds to me that the battery on your motherboard is bad. Not a serious issue. Because the battery is bad your motherboard cannot retain its configurations so everytime it boots it is like it is detecting your drives for the first time. The batteries are easy to replace. As of the computer coming on when you plug it in, I would check the power supply and also you power button. Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply i have an engineer coming to fix the motherboard. Will any of my data be lost from my computer after the motherboard is replaced?

Yeah, you will be fine, just make sure he leaves your harddrive alone

Thanks again for replying

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