I recently changed mb. I used my old 300w power supply. after a few days I added another 512mb ddr 333. then a friend gave me an 3.20 HT P4 to replace my 2.80 celeron .Then the problems started.when I try to install a game (fear in this case) or software my pc resets on its own.I replaced the p4 with the celeron,same.I re-insralled windows,same .I used an 500watt power supply,same.And after every reboot I received the same message.(look the attached screenshot)

500w power supply
P4 ht 3.20 or celeron 2.80
2 different 512 mb ddr333 modules
tv tuner
pstn modem
windows XP Prof sp2

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Aren't you supposed to clock the new CPU at the proper speed? Have you got jumpers on the mobo to do that?

And is all in order with the FSB speed?

I wouldn't have done what you've done without first being sure that this mobo wasn't the "economy" version wired for a Celeron processor (I've no idea whether or not this is the case) - but usually mobo and CPU are somewhat integrated to support each other.

This could also be a memory problem. RAM can be damaged very easily and can make the system restart when under load

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