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an ISO file contains everthing on a cd. It follows the ISO 9660 standard (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_9660)

ISO files are converted, by a burning program, to data files and written to a cd-r.

the only way to utilize these files is to burn the image to a cd (not copy the file) or to use a cd-rom emulator.

cd-rom emulators parse the .iso file and create a virtual cd-rom drive allowing you to use/view the cd from your hard drive. ex program: daemon tools. http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/portal.php


no if you have virtual drives like either virtual cd 6, nero image drive, or daemon tools which all setup virtual drives on your computer. a virtual drive is a non existing drive that acts like a cd/dvd drive. I use nero image drive all you have to do is right click the iso and say open with and then what ever program you decide to get. You can also use programs like isobuster, winrar, or magic iso to extract the files inside the iso and access them that way. If you want to extract Iso images i would suggest winrar because its free and opens almost any type of compressed file.

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