Hello, I'm new.
I came across this site while searching for solutions to my problem. You guys seem to know your stuff so I'm hoping you can help me as no one else can.

I bought a Fujitsu Siemens L7320 from eBay. It had a smashed screen and no hard drive.
I replaced both and installed XP. I also upgraded the RAM to 2GB.

Randomly it will freeze up with no warning. It freezes while downloading, surfing, boot up, in safe mode and in BIOS.

I thought it may be a heat problem but after buying an Antec notebook cooler I have ruled that out as it seems to be running pretty cool.

I have noticed that if I run from the battery, power only lasts about 20 minutes at the most after a full charge. Also I can not get it to boot at all if I take the battery out and try to run from the AC adapter. Could a dead battery cause freeze ups?

My last resort was going to be reseating the heatsink. However I can not get it off the processor. It has, what looks like spring loaded security screws. If that failed I was planning on replacing the processor.

The latest thing I noticed was that when it locks up, caps lock and num lock do not respond, so it has to be a hardware problem, right?

Please help me, you guys are my last and only hope!

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try to reset CMOS check if it works.. just remove the memory and power it on, it should reset CMOS. power it off then put back your memory check if you can boot..if it doesn't work then the worst thing to happen is a faulty mobo...

I have a reply! Thank you!!

Ok, I will try that and report back. Fingers crossed!!!

Ok I finally got round to testing this out.

I took out the memory as advised and then powered it on, it wouldn't boot and I got 3 bios beeps.

When I looked it up on the Phoenix website it means 3-1-_ One of the chips on your motherboard is broken. You'll likely need to get another board.


Anyway, I pur the RAM back in and strted it up. It was just loading up my start up programs when my cat walked across the keyboard and it gave me a blue screen of death!!

It went away before I could read it and it beeped at me again but again it was to quick to note what sequence.

I will again wait for this to happen.
It doesn't seem to have any pattern, I will do this a few times and then will work fine for hours on end.

Any other ideas?

try using another RAM sometimes beeping sound means a faulty memory stick..just try it out.. goodluck..

I am resurecting this post.
I put the laptop away for a while as I was losing my temper with it (I think I was hoping it would fix itself but it hasn't).
Anyway, it still won't work. I have taken it to pieces removing every major component, cleaning it and then making sure it is seated correctly.
Any ideas?

what sort of mb are you using?

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