Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. My CD burner doesn't burn CDs anymore, I've tried looking around to see if anyone has the same problem, but I can't find one similar to mine. If you find a board already solved, can you link me to it? If not here is my problem,

The basic information:
-My laptop is fairly new I got this last July, it's an HP pavilion ze5700
-Windows XP Professional
-448 MB of RAM
-(It lists two, I guess, manufacturers) Fujitsu and Toshiba DVD-Rom DVD/CD-R
-The current speed set on it is "Fastest"
-Tried burning off of Musicmatch Jukebox version 9.0 burner plus and because of this problem I activated another program I have called Roxio. Neither burn
-The files I am trying to burn onto the CD are a mix of WMA and MP3 format
-For CDs I use Maxell CD-R 700MB and another one that just has TDK written on it, I used both before perfectly fine.
-It can read CDs fine, it plays music CDs, opens files, and plays DVDs as usual. It just cannot recognize when I have entered a blank CD.

Here are the steps I do for burning:
1. Select my playlist and click for musicmatch burner plus
2. The total amount of minutes are 71:21 out of 73:20
3. I click "Burn" which then sends me the message, "Please insert a blank disc into drive"
4. I insert the disc
5. I click "Burn" again
6. The same message comes up again
*Then I tried having the cd in the drive already before I clicking burn the first time and the message still comes up.

If I need to include anymore info. please let me know (as well as where I can find it)

Thank you for helping out.

Try you roxio and just burn as Data file .

drop a match in it, It will burn :evil: :D

I'd bet that's a problem which has resulted from different burning programs being installed, and ending up with some system corruption and programs conflicting with each other.

Read "What's using my burner?" and the other linked articles in it, and I'm sure you'll find a solution after working your way through the various suggestions and procedures mentioned in them.

If it is showing two cd drives, that is probaly a problem, because I don't think it is possible to have 2 CD drives in a laptop. But I may be wrong. Does it have 2 drives or jsut 1.

I found out that it was just the songs that I had bought from musicmatch and I guess my burner wasn't compatible with them or something. I found this out when I realized I could still burn other songs just not the ones I had bought.

I ended up having to send the music files to my other computer and burning it from there.

Since I know it has to do with the songs that I bought from that program, I am not going to buy them again to be downloaded on to this lap top.

Thanks for you help though, I am ok now lol.

If you just got the basic free install of MusicMatch, you get so many burns, and then you have to PAY for the full version.

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