Hello everyone, I have a problem with my dell 1501 laptop with windows vista. The laptop was in sleep mode when i opened it up it was frozen, ctl alt del did nothing so i just powered it down. Now when i try to start it up it powers on, the fan runs, and i hear the hard drive spin but the screen stays black. Also the indicator lights for the num, caps, and scroll lock flash once and then the scroll and caps lock lights stay lit. I have replaced the cmos battery and removed and reinstalled the memory boards. But still nothing, I have read in some other posts to listen for a beep at start up but i do not hear one. I have read so many blogs and forums that info is very scattered and if anyone can help please i need it.


I've had this happen to me once with a Dell Inspiron 6000...I had just installed a new RAM stick and at first I thought I might have bought the wrong RAM for it...turns out I hadn't seated the RAM completely in the slot. I know you said you checked that already, but double check to be sure it's actually seated correctly in the slot. Post back and let me know how to it goes. Are you able to boot in safe mode??

first of all, thanks for replying so quickly, i repeated the reseat and still get nothing on my laptop and i can not ( or don't know how to ) boot in safe mode. All i have is a black screen and those indicator lights.

I have spent the last 12 hours dealing with the exact same problem. I have even tried all the same things that you have tried. Believe it or not, it turns out that something is loose underneath my keyboard. If I press down on the center of my keyboard hard my computer boots up. Through trial and error I tried everything, and by mistake I leaned on the keyboard and the computer started booting up like magic. I have since been able to recreate the problem three or four times now. I know this may be unique to just me but I thought you would want to know this.

thanks problemsolver i will give that a try and see at this point i would hold it over my head and do a ritual dance if it would work.

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