I'm thinking about getting an iphone for christmas, but the thing is I hate AT&T and I don't want to pay $70+ a month for features i don't use. So I've found different ways of unlocking the iphone and was wondering if once it's unlocked I could take out the sim card and put in the one from my current phone so I can use my current provider. Is this possible? or is it more complicated than that?

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Yes, the most difficult part of using a different provider with the iPhone is unlocking it. Once it's unlocked, you can use any SIM card in the phone, as far as I know.

Thank you for that helpful response. I've been to different sites, and the easiest method I've found is to go to http://jailbreakme.com from the iphone and install and app from there. Is this the best way? or is there a way that doesn't require to activate the phone in order to unlock it?

It's easy, as far as iPhone unlocking solutions go. The only problem right now is that AppSnapp won't work as of yet with iPhones sold recently, as it requires the firmware version 1.1.1 or earlier (and it's not possible to downgrade firmware that's preinstalled on an iPhone).

There was a student who is currently attending RIT in Rochester New York that became famous for doing this. (He was featured on national news broadcasts) But it also involved tampering with the hardware/firmware. I think Apple may have upgraded firmware to prevent this


Or Google JTAG iPhone

yeah, i read that. There is no way I'm gonna open up my iPhone. I'll have to wait for AppSnapp to be upgraded or something.

>I'll have to wait for AppSnapp to be upgraded or something.
I'll bet by that time Apple will have released a new firmware version for the iPhone that is once again incompatible with AppSnapp. ;-)

almost all other phone provider have a variant to the Iphine. why not see if your provider have one, i know sprint, verizon alltell

because I want the iPhone. I don't care about other phones. Although they can do the same things, other smart phones aren't as cool looking.

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