Greetings: New to group, first post and hope it will not be my last. Love technology but its going to fast for me to keep up. I am interested in playing slot machines as you can tell from the title of this post. I am particularly interested in improving my odds when playing my favorite slot: "The Best Things In Life", its a penny/nickle machine manufactured by WMS. If anyone one in this site knows how to help me secure the bonus rounds more often I would appreciate it. IF you know that you can't help me Please don't bother responding. I want to avoid any confrontations with long time members of this site. The reason I am saying that is because in another site I posted the same question and the response I got on my first post was: Wrong site dumass. Needless to say I am close to given up on those guys. Thanks. AL.

First i would like to welcome you to Daniweb ,and then i will say you are looking for help in the wrong section of the forum this is the hardware section ,you should have asked your question in the software section ,mainly because software people don't always hang around or even check in the hardware section .
Software section ==