Hello everybody:

I think that my notebook is dead. After trying to update the bios with the Hp update program, i had a problem with the screen of the notebook, it didn't work, so i had to use and external screen in order to back to the las bios version. The problem was that in the process of rebooting the system (windows XP) the system got halted, even the power button didn't work, so i have to remove the battery in order to power off the computer. Well, after that, nothing works, even when i plug in the battery adaptor, a light should turns on, but it doesn't happen, it's totally dead. So please, if you have any idea of what can i do, tell me, it doesn't matter if it doesn't woek, but a need some alternatives to try to get my notebook back to life.

Than you very much.



Disconnect the AC adapter and then remove the battery, hard drive, Optical drive (if you don't have to disassemble the laptop to do it), and the RAM. Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. Install the memory and connect the AC adapter. Try to power up the laptop. It the laptop now turns on and displays the HP logo and you can get into the BIOS, turn the laptop off and reinstall the battery, hard drive, and optical drive. Try to boot the laptop again. If the system doesn't boot now, repeat the steps above but only install one component at a time and retest the system. HP's support says this may be caused by an outdated BIOS and to use HP's "System Health Check" utility to check the system and identify any required updates. Go to www.hp.com and search for "System Health Check" in the support area.

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