I am stuck in lower case, as I've lost my shift key functions

:( after numerous problems with a used ibm thinkpad t22, i bought and installed a new harddrive. loaded xp home and voila, works like a dream.....
almost. I should note that xp home is the cd from my dell desktop- so I'm suspecting something may have happened with driver commands on the cd vs the ibm's installed drivers.
i've lost functionality with some of the keys. specifically the shift keys is now disabled, and i can only get caps through cap lock.
this also means i have no way to use the symbols that go with the number keys....

how do i fix this - i tried the ibm site, no luck..........

help, i'm stuck in a lower case world.

U can try this link from IBM
It is a Keyboard Customizer Utility for Windows 2000/XP.

But it also states that you need this driver installed -->HERE

All Available drivers for your T22 are -->HERE

Hope this help.

Had the same problem. Searched high and low for a driver with no success...Then noticed the EN down at the bottom left of the XP screen and noticed it had US keyboard selected. Changed to UK keyboard (had to delete US keyboard to do this) and hey presto. " over 2 £ over 3 and @ where it should be. Hope this helps.

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