I am looking to buy the Epson C 84 to print on custom paper size. Unfortunately Epson customer support is not able to tell me if that feature works under Panther. Is anybody using that printer and could tell me?

I have a C 84 and am running Panther. I am new to Mac, but I did go to print through Word (I have Office for Mac b/c of school) and iPhoto. Neither one would let me change it. In entourage, I could change the print layout for various address books, but could not find a paper size to match. So, the answer is I don't exactly know, but it doesn't seem to. However, if someone else has a more concrete answer that would be helpful to me, too.

It seemed that nobody could help with this topic, so I just went out and bought it anyway, since it is only $10 more compared to new ink. To my suprise the custom paper function works great under panther. Now what do I do with my fully functioning C80?

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