I have a IBM 390X which had a 15.0" screen but it had gotten damaged. I bought a IBM 390X 14.1" screen at E-bay thinking to replace it. I have connected the 14.1" screen but I have not been able to get it to work. The screen's power LED glows so I know it is receiving power but apart from that, the screen remains black.

I would like to know if even though an LCD screen is meant for the same laptop, the screen size would actually make a difference?

Thanks for any advice.


I don't know much about LCD laptop screens. However, here are some questions to consider:
1. Is the laptop compatible with any other monitors?
2. Is the ebay monitor in working condition?
3. Is the ebay monitor compatible with your laptop?
4. Is the ebay monitor supported by your video card?
5. Is the native resolution of the ebay monitor compatible with your video card?
6. Is the ebay monitor correctly hooked up your laptop? (e.g. getting power, video signal)

The laptop works perfectly with a CRT monitor. As for the LCD screen from Ebay, it is meant for the same laptop model, IBM 390X and the screen is getting power.

I suspect the problem lies with the original screen being a 15" as opposed to the 14.1" which I just bought.

The data cable and power cable are identical.


I finally got the laptop screen to work when I banged it out of frustration. So I guess if the plugs are compatible it will work although contrast control slider does not work.


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