Hi guys,

Recently I have discovered that there is VIRUS ALERT! near the sytem clock and my windows automatic updates are OFF. Even more my C & D drives are missing from my computer and there are some Icons missing from the start menu. (Ex: All programs, Run...)

I tried to scan the system with Norton 360 but there are no virus detected !

Can somebody help me to come out this problem plz.........

im going through the exact same thing O.o

  1. Please download the latest copy of HijackThis from Trend Micro and save it to your desktop.
  2. Double click on HJTInstall.exe to install it. Click on Install. By default, it will install to C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis.
  3. Read through the License Agreement presented to you on the next screen and click on I Accept.
  4. Once installed, HijackThis will start automatically. Close it.
    Please go to your desktop right click on the HijackThis shortcut created there and select "Rename". Now, type a name of your choice, example CHECK.exe and press Enter.
  5. Double click on it and select Do a system scan and save a logfile.
  6. Close HijackThis.

Note: Do not click on the AnalyzeThis button.

Do not fix any lines you see in HijackThis as most entries are harmless and needed for the normal functioning of Windows.


This seems to be a new virus that seems to be affecting loads of people! Does this virus alert lead you to an *anti-virus software* marketing website? This seems to be one in a series of worldwide virus attacks of this sort, me being one of them, but of a milder sort. It is usually a BHO(Browser Help Object). But to give a proper answer, the Hijack This log is imperative.

SDFix and Smitfaudfix should remove the threat for you. You might also run the BHO demon...it can help you identify scary files and where they are located so you can remove them through DOS if you have to.

The best procedure would be to follow the steps in the linky below:

Read me before posting a request for assistance

If MBA-M doesn't get it and the ESET scan doesn't see it, then most users should rely on a knowledgeable volunteer to guide them through the usage of SDfix/Combofix/Smitfraudfix as needed.

PP :)