So this is one of the strangest issues I've seen...

I have a Windows 2000 Server box with SP4 plus all recent Windows updates. I'm not sure when this started (the server is a backup and isn't often used), but after being on from anywhere between several hours to a day or two, the server won't be able to make any outbound network connections. Loading Internet Explorer just results in the "This page cannot be displayed" error, trying to browse to a network resource returns "The path was not found", if we try to connect via PCAnywhere to another machine on the network, the connection times out. However, if any inbound connections are made to the server, such as remotely controlling the server via PCAnywhere or browsing to a shared network resource hosted on this machine, all is fine. Once the machine is rebooted, the problem clears up for a few hours to a day, then suddenly starts up again.

As for event log entries, the only one I've seen is an entry logged by the browser service saying it cannot retrieve a list of browsers from the browser master.

My first thought was that this is a virus or malware. After performing several scans with multiple Antivirus and anti-malware apps, no malicious software has been found. I've also swapped out the NIC. This hasn't fixed the box either. The network firewall isn't blocking the server and IPSec is not enabled on this machine.

I would just rebuild the box but it contains software that only our vendor can supply and they want a very large fee to reinstall it. Are there any other options that exist?

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Loligator, Have you checked the power scheme settings, especially the NIC properties and uncheck allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

Hibernation is the debbil.

Has it got a fixed IP or DHCP?

And yes, check under device manager to ensure it doesnt put the card into sleep.

hey all,

thanks for the replies. as far as i can tell, windows 2000 doesn't support the power management features that are recommended I check. I did check the device manager and there are no power management options under either of the NIC cards. I did check through the control panel applet and the system is set to never sleep, hibernate, or go on any sort of standby mode. All power saving features are disabled.

The machine has a static IP address.

On another note, I have found that even after all outbound connections go down, I can still ping out from the server. I tried pinging the gateway, the server's own IP address, and another machine on the network. All worked fine. If I open IE or PCA though to try and make some outbound connections, both of these fail.

hi, try to open IE..go "tools" then "internet options" under internet options choose "connections" then click "setup" try to install a new internet connection.. check if it will help.. or try to check whether there are any settings on this option that might cause your problem.. just try.. lol
have you tried to change your lan cable?

i've swapped out the LAN cable and already tried resetting IE. If no other ideas are posted, I'm going to try and repair winsock which I was reading can get corrupted and cause whacky issues. I'll let everyone know how that goes. I won't be able to do that until Saturday though so any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!

hi, check out this one..

thanks so much for the link cguan. i gave that a try saturday and i thought it resolved the issue, but unfortunately, the problem started happening again today! are there any other ideas out there? i'm ready to tell the client they're going to have to call the vendor and reformat the server if nothing else comes up :(

It is very strange,I have never come up across this kind of issue :)

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You mean to say that you are able to make inbound connection
using PCAnywhere . Are you using symantec pc anywhere software?
Are you accessing this computer in your local network from another location using PcAnywhere via internet?

by logging are you talking about the cookies and temperory files that are saved in your system?

Who provided you the static IP address? If you are able to access the computers in your local network from another location, then it means that there is nothing wrong with your local network.
The computers in your local network are successfully connected to the network device or firewall.
Please donot change any of your hardware device without asking,
as I already stated, there is nothing wrong with the connection of your computers in local network.

Please answer the questions that I have asked so that we can come close to the solution.

Hey frankie

This is not a LAN problem, it's a problem with the server. I don't know how else you really want me to explain it... it's all pretty spelled out in the first post.

I'll give it another attempt though. I can make connections to the server. I can control it using Symantec PCAnywhere, I can browse shares on it by going to \\servername\sharename, and I can ping the server using both it's hostname, netbios name, and ip address. However, if I'm on the server trying to make any connections to other network devices (browsing shares, the company's intranet site) or try to go on the Internet (browsing to for example), it does not work. I receive a "This page cannot be found" error message. If I try to browse to a network share (by going to Start, Run, typing in \\servername\sharename) I get "\\servername\sharename cannot be found". The only thing I can do from the server is ping other devices on network and websites.

This issue occurs all the time, until the server is rebooted. It will work correctly for about 24 hours. After that, all outbound connections fail.

The static IP address is a private address. When I connect to it via PCAnywhere, I connect using the office's VPN to my desktop, then PCAnywhere into the server from my desktop, which is on the same local network as the server. I assigned the server the IP address and I ensured there are no conflicts on the network.

I think I answered all of your questions. If I missed anything let me know.

Hi there,

You seem little technical, yes I know what private IP address is.

Now do one thing, check your TCP/IP configuration and get
the IP address of your DNS Server? I hope you know how to get it.

If the DNS Server Settings in your TCP/IP Properties are set to
dynamic, then simply use the command "ipconfig /all" in your
command prompt and press enter key and note what is the ip address of your DNS Server .

Just take that IP address and ping it, and let me know what is the reply that you are geting.
Also make sure that your windows builtin firewall is disabled.

hey frank,

the dns server is and .220.220. We use Open DNS's servers. this isn't a dns issue. if you read what i previously posted the server can still ping websites (such as even after the problem starts. i did ping the dns server though and i get 4 replies.

windows 2000 doesn't include a built-in firewall. it's also not an ipsec issue. that's turned off.

thanks for trying to help but so far you're only suggesting things that i said i already checked.

one last bump in hopes that someone has any ideas.

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