From a cold boot on my computer I get nothing but a Windows explorer error message, no icons, nothing...

wallpaper comes up but nothing to help me move forward to control panel etc.

can anyone tell me how to bypass through the system if I can't get to control panel or icon's?

Perhaps hard drive is dieing, but I need to do some backup if possible before reformatting or changing it.

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There seems to be a conflict between your title and the post itself; are you having a problem with MS Word or the Operating System itself?

What OS are you using? If it's XP or Me, can you boot into Safe Mode and try System Restore?

Why do you suspect the hard drive? Are you hearing unusual noises coming from it?

hmmmm, nope no noises. just the error message. Im not completely illiterate when it comes to my computer... although this sure is making me feel as though i am. I do not however know how to boot into 'safe mode'. i'd appreciate any direction you can give.

at first we thought it might be the hard drive because of some sluggish problems, freeze ups, boots etc. over the last several months. my husband feels it's a virus or that the computer could even be crashing. i myself am not sure, it doesn't see correct that it boots fine, allows me to get past the 'uploading personal settings' and than stops before icons.

we're using xp.

1. To get to the Safe Mode boot option, tap the F8 key repeatedly as your computer is starting up (before you see the Windows start-up screen/logo).


I get nothing but a Windows explorer error message

Please give us the full and exact text of the error, including any numeric error codes that might appear.

In general, please remember that in order for us to help you most quickly you need to give us as much specific information as possible.

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