So i noticed this program while cleaning up my netbook last night, wrongly thinking it my be nessesary for my book i tried to open it. it brought up for on a second something called pagerage silentinstaller.exe. I shut down in the middle of it and once i restarted i couldnt find it again. Ran a full scan with avast and got no alerts.
So, where can i find it and how do i remove it? I was also impressed with the decent amount of fake reviews calling this thing amazing...

Thanks guys,

I was also impressed with the decent amount of fake reviews calling this thing amazing...
I have NO idea where you found these "amazing" reviews, fake or otherwise, I have found absolutely ZERO amazing reviews and only two safe pages with even mentions of this file.It is an installer file. Not sure what would be amazing about an installer file.
"Our database contains single file for filename pagerage-silentinstaller[1].exe. This file belongs to product Yontoo LayersThis file has description Installer. This is executable file. You can find it running in Task Manager as the process pagerage-silentinstaller[1].exe. "

I found ONE other page with any information about this file
The unsafe files using this name are associated with the malware group:

Other than those two I found NOTHING.

Our instructions are very clear here, follow all instructions in our Read Me First sticky and post back here with Copy/Pastes of all requested log.

I am in the process of installing and getting all the logs but i did find the program in my recycling bin because i had triedd to remove it in safe mode and didnt think it worked, but it might have idk. the reviews i saw were not legit they were from wiki sites or yahoo answers type things.. whne i was trying to find out what yontoo was. i got the but when i ran the second scan it froze my compso im going to restart the scan

I thought you meant the pagerage-silentinstaller file. Yontoo is fairly well known. Yontoo Layers is a browser add-on that customizes a website for the user.It certainly isn't unknown, it is considered quetionable quite often because it may contain ads, etc. But it certainly isn't unknown.It would have to be installed by the user, it doesn't just "appear" on a computer.

I actually have a lot of friends, as well as myself who use this program. I love the app but if you want to uninstall you can find the app's uninstall instructions through this page Unapproved Link removed by jholland1964
You'll just need to uninstall both the Yontoo Layers software and the PageRage toolbar. And agreeing with jholland1964, the software doesn't install itself.

Well I found this piece of digital excreta on my laptop when I was removing under-used software. It appears to uninstall fairly OK, but the point is that it was installed on my machine really without my explicit permission, probably with Best Video Downloader.
One of these "things", that creep under your nose, whilst you weren't paying attention, and just clicked (we all do it!)...Anyhoo, Yontoo got severe pelters from this very pissed off Scot. Strong words were used! They should ask your explicit permission, and point out any potential effects that there "app" (yeuck!! hate that ****ing AARGGHH!} will have on your Personal Privacy. So there :icon_eek:

I actually got Yontoo myself, and did your Windows(or PC or whatever)get all these USELESS ads about free
cursors for you mouse? If you did, download ESET NOD32 and run a computer scan. Complete it, and it should say something like:
Number of Infiltrations:1(or 2 or whatever) and Number of cleaned files:(same number)
If it did,byebye PC

Wow.. I was making research on Yontoo ,that is how i end up here. Am recently cleaning up my notebook and i find this yontoo thing, i really dont know if it work for my computer or not.. will it do any damage to my computer if i remove it or not?..

try searching regedit it will find it even if it went in on a partial istall that you interupted it still had to put itself to registry as first step so anything in the pc as to the software you speak of look in regedit Hope it helps.

Yontoo "just appeared" on my system with an instal date of 16/3/12 - I only installed Win 7 Pro on 27/3/12 !

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Hi woogie, have you tried running a scan with Malwarebytes, Super Anti Spyware and Spybot Search and Destroy in Normal mode and/or Safe mode? To run in safe mode restart your computer and repeatedly tap f8 on your keyboard, this will prompt a menu you want to choose safe mode with networking. Next, once your in safe mode download those programs and run them if they find anything let me know. Also, be sure to update each program. But, when you do install spybot search and destroy DO NOT install tea timer. Uncheck that, it will be listed in the installer.

Best regards,

yeah pretty sure its malware. the installer does not seem to work, judging from the dislikes on the youtube video.

I pulled the registry entry from it under ...god I deleted it now, something Ta.... 5 ish letters long, the installer thru the file name as an error.

this current BS seemed to piggy back off a silent installer from a yantoo.... Drop down deals tab, which I may have installed due to it being only MILDLY annoying. in my temporary internet files.

but the silent installer thing is considered a virus by my antivirus so... yeah.

still I killed it all in the registry and see what happens. Run some scans reboot the works.

Greetings from a Bangladeshi guy. I've this UnHack Me / RegRun Reanimator (anti-malware/rootkit scanning software) installed that warned of this Yantoo. So I let it run a check, and it suggested me to be 25% bad and 10% good (since Yantoo is a regd LLC indeed). So I kept that "DELETING" on hold, I went on to look-up this Yantoo. After a couple of sites, that lead to me this one, I finally realized that I need to "DELETE" that for "not taking any chances" - greed is not fruitful, lol. For all out folks out there, who are not aware of this "RegRun software", I recommend it. Peace.


Well I've reinstalled Win7 and Office package, and after downlod/installing Google Chrome I found this Yontoo installer in the Control panel menu, together with a SweetPcFix program and a Test... This Yontoo software has its own website in english, and reading their "what is yontoo" and the rest, I'm afraid you've got to be somwaht an expert to really understan how it works. For what I read, you can use it to 'create' functions on other websites that don't show them; explicitly it explains that if a website sells products and to see an image of the product you're taken to another window/page, you can have Yontoo to show this image when you browse over the item with your mouse....

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