I got malware from something that I thought was Adobe Flash. It was not-I deleted it from control panel. I still had sweetpacks a toolbar that would not go away. It was not in my control panel. I had one dialogue box and I contacted Panda, they did four remotes on my computer. Each time they did a remote on my computer--I got more dialgue boxes. It got so bad that I had to use ctrl, alt, del,to get out of my internet and that to shut down my computer. I had to finally do a restoration on my computer because of the following dialogue boxes: Pcloudcleaner (Access violation at address 718B6632, 71536632, 70C96632, 70DB6632 in moculs "MSVCR90.dll". Read of address A4EA131, A4EA6035, A4EA4349, A4EA224D, 539BAB01, 8BEEA4BC, 00000004. I got this from using their new antivirus Cloud cleaner.

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So what exactly is your question or what do you need help with?

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So what exactly is your question or what do you need help with?

Why did this happen to my computer. What do all of the violations of addresses mean. Why did I have to use ctrl, alt, del to get out of explorer and shut down my computer? Did I have a virus that Panda did not find and fix? They only way that I was able to get rid of the dialogue boxes was to do a restore back to factory default. It took many hours to fix this problem. Just wanted to know if anybody knew what the problem was.

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