whenever i open more window in firefox, it gets some accident popups confused me so much. really hate them.but i do not know the causes. pls could anybody here tell me if you once got this problem. many thanks!

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I'm afraid you'll need to explain more clearly before anyone can help you - maybe provide a screenshot of what these popups look like too.


Is Firefox the only browser you use on that computer? If you use Internet Explorer on the same computer, do the pop-ups NOT appear?

What other software are you using on that computer? Any free downloads?

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Delete all the cookies...
Uninstall all the Toolbar from uninstaller.
This is done as you install any application at the time thee may be the adv. for installing more than of your application that is checked and you just hit next without untick of it so that others toolbars, adv. app also get install and this result you in this so...
Uninstall all adv. app from Uninstaller (Browser must be close)
delete all cookies. (use Ccleaner)
Fix the Registry (Use Ccleaner)

I hope this works for you

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