I'm trying to install avg free for windows but everytime i get the message Error: Action failed for file avg7rsw.sys: starting service....
The system cannot find the file specified. (2)
I have no idea why this is happening and dont know how to fix this. If anyone knows how to that would be very helpful. Thanks

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Perhaps this can help?


Or here.


Looks like it is a common error, I am sure you can find a solution.

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I looked at both of those forums and nothing has worked, thanks anyway. Ill keep looking for some way to fix this, right now i have no anti-virus program.

I have just been trying the same... I had it and I seemed to have a couple of viruses that it would not get rid of. I installed another antivirus program and then found that several programs would not work after the first time I tried to get rid of the viruses with the new program. AVG was one of those that would not work so I tried to reinstall it and it came up with the error mentioned in the first post - if I find the answer anywhere then I will probably post on here,

Thanks a lot for trying to find an answer right now im just using the AVG pro demo but after 30 days im not sure what ill do.

You're one of the lucky ones.

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