Hi guys, I've got a laptop that seems to be heavily infected with an adware/malware
Every time I click, an ad pops up and when I open some websites, an ad is at the top of the webpage that is seperated to the website I am on. It has slowed down the laptop considerably and I can't seem to even click without having to close ads

Any help will be great guys
Thank You

Edit: I've also run adwcleaner and cleaned out the laptop but it hasn't disappeared

Have you tried Microsoft's Security Essentials? It is free, and does a decent job at cleaning such issues. Also, there is the FOSS (Free and Open Source) tool ClamAV. FWIW, I never use just one cleaner in these cases.

Malwarebytes (free version from this page) is another useful tool in the anti-malware armory. Often picks up stuff other scanners have missed.

Hi friend not sure if you sorted out your adware problem and if so Im glad. If not I have a few suggestions for you. I have found on several of these repairs that one needs to remove all unwanted browser toolbars that have been downloaded, also you might find a program called media browser installed on your system. Remove these toolbars and any other unwanted programs with a handy utility called revo uninstaller. free version works like a charm. After this a good cclean, adwclean and browser defaults reset and youre good to go. Hope this helps even if its a bit late :)

Happy bug hunting!