Hi everyone,

My computer got hacked into and sent all my Gmail to my mentor and his company. I feel like an idiate. I got my nephew to help me for the problems I had on my side but I've been trying to get my mentor to delete my files and He's not doing that. It's been three days.

I know who did it, he left a card behind in google hangouts. My Question is how do I get my mentor to erase the Gmail that was sent to his support team?

It's not only his company because I'm a partner. I expect our company to be honest and have the integraty to delete my Gmail which was vandilized by a person who was soposidly helping me. God, I am too trusting. I'm not going to let this happening get me down.
Anyone who can help me fix this condition, PLEASE respond.

Have a happy Holiday,


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Just remember, the Internet forgets nothing! If this person is not willing to remove your posts from his computer (remember, they are also likely on other users' systems, not to mention backup devices for the company), then you know what kind of "friend" and/or "mentor" he really is. So, give it up, let your corresponents who you communicated with know that their mail with you has been compromised, and keep a stiff upper lip!


Thank you rubberman, what good advise. I only contacted one person so far but I will get in touch with the others.

I trusted him with all my passwords. I can't believe how stupid I was for this to happen. I've been dealing with the hacking situation, literately one day at a time.

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Theres no one to trust other than your family heres why:
No one should ever know one anothers passwords even your near by friends and people even workmates or people that walk by should ever hear you say what your email and password is.

Even if you trust them they will eventually turn on you they might send it to hackers so they can spy on confidential information or they might hack your account so that you cant get in where else they can get in its like ebay and all other sites that you have to change passwords every month.

Last years attack was from HeartBleed an OpenSLL bug which Trend Micro pointed out a tool to check if browsers were infected with that bug so that HeartBleed cant steal your passwords and credit card details even people made little devices stuck it in under the ATMs keyboard so that they can wirelessly steal your pin and credit card number.

Theres no one to trust other than yourself but beware the Internets a dangerous place.


You are absolutely right about giving people your passwords. I learned that the hard way and I learned my lesson. Never again, if someone is around me when I have to use a password, I make them leave the room. My hacker sent all my Emails to my boss. My Boss erased all of what my hacker sent. All of the issues have been addressed.

Thank you for your concerns and feedback.


Same with my mum makes me leave the room when putting passwords in same thing with my mum i make her leave the room while putting the passwords in for my own pc well hope you saty safe and have a wonderful time note that im 15 and i do sometimes act like an idiot on forums but i just doing my own job. Stay secured and safe.
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