i belive that my brother found a virus\spyware. i even formated the laptop and continues there :(
my problem is: the help window is allways opening. i have problems using the laptop :(
ca anyone help me?

How did you format the laptop? Also, did you clear/reset the BIOS flash memory as well, and as part of the refomatting, include the boot sector, or just the NTFS partitions?

just the partitions. now, seems, that i fix the problem. maybe was a key locked or damage. i press some keys and now isn't showed.
but you are speaking about Reset the BIOS. i don't know do that. can you explain how to do that?

It depends upon the system. Usually you need to access the computer manufacturer/vendor's website and support page for such information. In some systems, you can do that by removing the external power, remove the battery, and hold the power button on for some period of time (30 seconds usually will work) - a lot of Toshibas work this way. Others require that you remove the power (and battery if a laptop), and short a couple of contacts on the motherboard for some number of seconds. A lot of HP laptops require this latter technique. My attorney gave my grandson an HP laptop that had the BIOS locked with his fingerprint. My grandson, who is an engineering genius, removed the keyboard cover, shorted the required contacts, and had Windows 7 installed, all in less than an hour! I gave him the system, sat down to talk with my daughter, and after a bit he brought the system into the living room, which proviously was running XP, to show it running Win7. Heck, it would have taken me at least 2-3 hours to do the same! :-)

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