I'm using Windows Defender as full antivirus and Malwarebytes (Free version)

So far. I've never had viruses malware on my computers. I started doing this 2016-2017.

Are paid antivirus products not worth it now?

Back then i used to use Bitdefender and it was pretty good. It had a pretty good GUI and many other protection features.

The last couple of reviews I read had Windows Defender (WD) rated as near the top with very little difference between WD and the top rated. I've been using WD exclusively on my computers and those of family members. We haven't had a single infection in three years or more.

We changed to WD in 2015 and no infections so far. Now this doesn't work for a few that torrent apps and disable WD so if you have someone that pushes their luck then they will have issues no matter which antivirus system they use.

My only complaint with WD is the time it takes to scan a folder in Explorer. How may times does WD have to scan my downloads folder before it is happy with the results? It would be nice if I didn't have to wait for 30-60 seconds to see my files with nothing to watch but a slowly advancing green progress bar. It doesn't do this every time but I have yet to determine what causes WD to decide a new scan is needed.

If you are using the windows defender you no need to worry for virus as we know it provides the same protection as other antivirus softwares but if you go for any other paid antivirus software you will get some extra features like internet security, clear cache etc .The only difference is that it provides you full package in one software.